Frequently Asked Questions & Answers (FAQ) Note: Please click on the questions to see the answers.

1. What is e-Auction?

2. How e-Auction is better than manual auction?

3. What is the web address of official website of Jaipur Development Authority (JDA)?

4. How to get registered with JDA for purchase of property through e-Auction?

5. What after basic registration at JDA’s website?

6. After getting registered with JDA, when and how I receive the user id and password?

7. How can I change my password of JDA e-Auction portal?

8. What if I forget my password on JDA e-Auction registration portal?

9. What are the registration fee and renewal charge?

10. When can I renew my registration?

11. How do I know when validity of my registration is about to expire?

12. How do I start bidding or participate in e-Auction?

13. Do I have to pay any fee register for an e-Auction?

14. Do I have to pay any participation fee and EMD to participate in e-Auction?

15. Can the Registration Amount, Processing Fee and EMD be deposited online?

16. Can we deposit the Registration/Renewal fee online?

17. How do I see properties available for bidding being held on website?

18. Can participation fee or/and EMD be transferred from one property to another?

19. Whether registration/renewal fee can be adjusted from balance EMD of the customer?

20. Whether registration/renewal fee can be adjusted from balance EMD of the customer?

21. How my EMD will be refunded?

22. In how many days EMD will be refunded

23. What is the procedure for change of bank details to get back the refund?

24. From what date the validity of registration of bidder will be extended?

25. How can I know who all are bidding in an auction?

26. Do I need to register for each e-Auction?

27. What are the computer system requirements for using the e-Auction system?

28. On which browser can we access the web site?

29. How do I login to an e-Auction?

30. How do I bid?

31. Can I cancel an unwanted bid?

32. How do I know if I won the bidding after it has closed?

33. What if I get outbid just before the bidding closes?

34. What if I cannot bid online?

35. What if I get outbid just before the bidding closes?

36. What is Auto bid?

37. Why submit an Auto bid?

38. How do I submit an Auto bid?

39. What is Winning bid?

40. I closed a bid. What next?

41. Can people living abroad participate in biddings?

42. How will I know if I am the successful bidder in the Bid?

43. How will I come to know if an auction has ended?

44. Is making on-line payment to JDA e-Auction secure?

45. Whom to contact for any query?

46. I can't place any bids / the site is running really slow / the counters aren't moving at all !

47. How to get patta "lease deed" after winning bid?

48. How do I get demand letter if I am successful i.e H1 Bidder?

49. Is payment possible in installment?

50. What is Lease Amount?

51. What is Reserve Price?

52. How Building Plans will be approved?

53. Will e-Auction will be available during office hours or 24X7?

54. What if I don’t opt to buy after being successful?

55. Time Difference after registration and before bidding?

56. Can I see available properties before registration?

57. When to make payment after successful bidding?